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Internships Abroad

Check out advice from UT student Marissa Rizeri. She completed an internship in Barcelona at an event planning company:

All international internships are facilitated through the International Programs Office.
Please start with our office before reaching out to Career Services.

Q: How do I get my internship approved for academic credit?

A: Most Service Providers incorporate academic components into their international internships. Therefore, you will receive academic credit for an internship like you would for courses abroad.  

Q: When do I need to work with Career Services for an international internship?

A: You will only work with Career Services on an international internship if your Education Abroad Advisors recommends you work with them.

Q: How many hours do I need to work at my internship to earn academic credit?

A: This varies a bit between departments across campus, but a good rule of thumb is about 5 hr/week = 1 credit. Refer to your Faculty Internship Coordinator for information on Academic Credit for your Internship specific to your major.

Q: What is the cost per credit hour for an approved internship for academic credit?

A: IF you need to receive academic credit through the University of Tampa, you will want to refer to financial aid for an official cost. The average is around $600 per credit hour.

Q: How does the internship process differ for international and domestic students?

A: Overall the process is the same when planning an international internship. 

Q: Duration of internships for academic credit? 

A: This varies a bit between departments, but on average: Summer (12 weeks) Fall/Spring (14 weeks)


The deadlines to apply are the same as those for standard semester/summer abroad programs:

October 1 for Winter/Spring and March 1 for Summer/Fall. 



As always, you can review our Study Abroad FAQs and see availability for walk-ins and appointments here.

Check out Advice from UT Student Anna Buccafuri. She completed an internship in Barcelona in Summer 2018: