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Getting Started

Be sure to review the Study Abroad FAQs to familiarize yourself with some answers to common study abroad planning questions.

1. Visit the Office of International Programs to discuss opportunities with an education abroad advisor.  You can find the current walk-in hours or schedule an appointment here

2. Watch the TDS 101 tutorial videos to learn how to navigate through the portal and begin an application.

3. Research programs through the Find My Program page.  Search programs and consider your goals and expectations for education abroad.Our office recommends using the advanced search; we have over 1,000 programs in our system, so start broad with what search parameters you select, then narrow the program selection down, by country, term, and area of study. 

                                                Considerations for Study Abroad 
 Academic  Personal 
 GPA/conduct eligibility requirements  Disability considerations
 Foreign language ability & program requirements  Mental health care
 Timeline for application process  Medications/prescriptions
 Financial aid  Political environment
 Scholarships  Identity- LGBTQ & Gender
 Major/minor requirements  Identity- Race & Nationality
 UT requirements   Identity- Religion & Spirituality
 Internships & volunteer opportunities   Dating/relationships abroad
 Timing of program: Summer, Semester, Academic   Year? When in your 4-year-plan?  Housing

4. Talk to your Academic Advisor in your major

Let him/her know that you are planning to study abroad and discuss how this opportunity fits into your 4-year plan.

5. Complete the UT application for approval to study, intern, or volunteer abroad

Our requirements are a minimum 2.5 GPA and good conduct standing; if you have questions or concerns about these requirements, please speak to an Education Abroad Advisor in advance of the UT application deadlines. You will only need to apply to one program. If you apply on time and meet all program requirements you will likely be accepted. The only instance we would recommend having a back-up program would be in the case of a GPA concern (some programs require a GPA higher than 2.5, such as 2.75 or 3.0).

6. Apply to your program abroad directly through your program provider

This application will be more in depth than your UT application for study abroad. Here are the links to UT's affiliated program providers:

ASA-Academic Studies Abroad
API-Academic Programs International
Barcelona SAE
Florida State University
Global Experiences
ISA-International Studies Abroad
Loyola University - Rome Center
Loyola University - Vietnam Center
Sea Semester
Semester at Sea
Spanish Studies Abroad
SFS-School for Field Studies
TEAN-The Education Abroad Network
Temple University
The Beijing Center
The Intern Group

6. Complete your Course Approval Forms 

Your Education Abroad Advisor will explain the Course Approval process during the Study Abroad Prep meeting. Your course approval forms and department chair list will be available to you in your application.  This process takes time, so you should allow 3-4 weeks to get these completed. Once all of them are complete, you will upload  them into your application portal and your transient form will be created by your EA advisor.

7.Transient Form Pick Up 

Once your EA Advisor completes your transient form, you will be notified to pick it up in the International Programs Office.  Signatures will be needed from you and your Faculty Advisor before dropping the form at the Registrar's Office.  If you have Senior Status (90+ hours), a signature will be required from the Director of Academic Advising.
8. Mandatory Pre-departure session

Once you complete the Study Abroad application, you will be notified of the available pre-departure sessions.  It is mandatory you attend one of the offered sessions as they cover important topics such as health & safety abroad, taking care of business before leaving campus, and cultural adjustment. This is also a good opportunity to meet other students going abroad.

8. Consult this checklist to ensure you stay on track with your application

Download & print here: 
Study Abroad Planning Guide: Pre-Decision
Study Abroad Planning Guide: Post-Decision

EA Planning Guide Pre-Decision

Planning Guide Post-Decision