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Semester/Summer Programs

There are a number of ways you can utilize the search options on the Terra Dotta System.  We encourage you to use two of them in the following ways:

Are you looking for program listings in a particular city or country? If so, use Advanced Search. Here you will enter in a city or country and the term you are interested in going.  You can add additional parameters if you like, but caution on adding too many as it will limit your selections.

Are you looking for program listings based on your major or a particular educational institute?  If so, use Program Discovery.

TIPS for Program Discovery:
1) The Program Discovery search will look for each word individually.  For example if you enter MARINE SCIENCE, it will search for programs with Marine or Science in the program brochure.  If you would like programs with a focus on Marine Science, you will need to enter it with quotations like this “Marine Science”.  If you are interested in Florence University of the Arts, it will pull any program that has any of those words unless you use the quotations.
2) If you have an interest in a particular location at a specific time of year, you can enter that as well.  For example, if you are interested in Paris, France in the summer you could search “PARIS, FRANCE, SUMMER” to see those program available in Paris, France in the summer.
3) Also in the search bar, you can select “WHEN”.  This is a separate search in which to pull all program offerings during the time you want to go abroad.  This allows for you to view programs from all over the world if you are open to explore around the world.
4) Once you type your search, the program will automatically begin.  A button may appear with the number of matches and view programs, click there to see the selection.
Be sure to contact your advisor for more assistance and to begin a program application.
Application Cycles:
October 2 – March 1: Applications will be accepted for Summer, Fall and Academic Year programs.
March 2 – October 1: Applications will be accepted for January Term and Spring programs.

NOTE: You must be completed with pre-decision section of application by final date.  This means it is important to begin your application a few weeks prior to the ending date of the cycle.