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How to Apply

Where to Begin

Visit the Office of International Programs to discuss opportunities with an education abroad advisor. Specifically, students may contact Stephen Farley. Student walk-in hours are generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1 pm to 4 pm in Plant Hall 300. All other times are by appointment. You can find the current walk-in hours schedule here

Choose the 'Search Programs' option in the left menu to search education abroad programs and begin the UT Education Abroad Application.

How to Apply

The first step in applying to any education abroad program is to complete a UT Education Abroad Application. This online application can be accessed from each individual program page. Application deadlines vary for different programs, and additional documents may be required for certain programs.

Application Deadlines:

  • September 1 - Deadline to apply for Fall UT Travel Courses
  • October 1 - Deadline to apply for Spring semester programs
  • October 15 - Deadline to apply for Spring Break UT Travel Courses
  • November 15 - Deadline to apply for Spring UT Travel Courses (late applications will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • March 1 - Deadline to apply for Summer and Fall semester programs


Completing Your Application

1) Go to the 'Login/Register' option on the top menu and select ‘Student User Registration’

2) When asked if you are a registered user at UT with UT-LDAP  login credentials, answer 'Yes'

3) Login using your UT network username and password and then click ‘Yes’ to create a   user profile. (this username and password are the same you would use to access a campus computer or the UT wireless network. If you have forgotten your password, reset it on SpartanWeb under Campus Life > Information Technology > Password Change).

4) Under  the ‘Search Programs’option you can search all affiliated programs and view the program homepage.  You will have the option to save programs you are interested in to your profile.

5) Once you have made your final program choice, select  the‘UT Application’button on the program page to  officially start an application. *

*Please note that for programs through an outside provider (i.e. programs that are not UT Travel Courses), students must first complete the UT application before submitting an application to the provider.

Once you have created the initial program application, you will be logged into the UT Education Abroad Application system and presented with the Program Application Page of the program to which you just applied.

Carefully read and complete each requirement as instructed. Unless otherwise stated, each requirement is mandatory in order to move on to the next phase of the application.

To return to the application at anytime you can login to the UT Education Abroad Application system by clicking on the Login link at the top right corner of the UT Education Abroad Program Portal website.


Pre-Decision Phase

The pre-decision phase is the first step of your application to the Education Abroad program. Your application will not be considered for review until all requirements of the pre-decision phase have been met. Upon completion, the advisor of the program will be notified. Once your application has been processed, you will receive notification of acceptance and further instructions.

Post-Decision Phase

The post-decision phase comes after your acceptance to the program. When you reach the post-decision phase, you will be presented with new requirements and a commitment button. Carefully read the commitment instructions and commit to the program. You will have 5 days or until the application deadline to commit or your application will be withdrawn. Again, carefully read and submit each requirement as instructed. Failure to complete each requirement will prevent you from being permitted to participate.

While Abroad Phase

Your application will move to the "while abroad" phase on the start date of your program. Please review any new requirements and complete them as instructed. You may also be presented with a link to submit Side Trip details or Incident Reports. In addition, a journal function may become available for you to record and share your experience abroad.

Returnee Phase

The returnee phase takes affect after the end date of your program. Please review any new requirements and complete them as instructed.

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